Hans Hess


Hans Hess has 25 years management experience with Digital Equipment Corporation, in departments such as Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, Software Programming, and Logistics. He was in charge of developing and managing New Products Manufacturing plans and had worldwide responsibility for development and implementation of policies and process changes to support DEC's corporate Plans. Mr. Hess was responsible for re-engineering the Order Administration and Fullfillment Process for DEC's Latin American Region. As a founding member of several companies, Mr. Hess has developed several software applications to support the Real Estate Market.

Leslie Phipps

Application Programmer

Leslie Phipps is a graduate of Kennedy-Western University in Computer Science and brings valuable insite to Creative Business Solutions in both Application Programming solutions and Website Content development. Mr. Phipps brings years of problem resolution expertise experience to the company.

Cassandra Pinzon

Web and Graphic Designer

Cassandra Pinzon graduate from Florida International University with a Bachelor's degree in Art. She brings a creative and younger perspective to the team and our work. Skilled in the digital arts, Ms. Pinzon creates a variety of logos for our clients. With great attention to detail, Ms. Pinzon also oversees the designs and layouts of many of our web projects.

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