Comprehensive Website Hosting services, let us be your expert.

The World Wide Web is the fastest growing advertising market in history. The need for accurate information on a web site is an important part of portraying a professional image for any company. Our web hosting or Internet hosting services will ensure that your personal or business website is always available to visitors. We provide hosting solutions for both small and large customers, offering designs from basic websites all the way to complex online reservation systems using database applications to display the information.

All our websites are maintained in a secure datacenter with 24x7 monitoring to ensure immediate response on potential problems and the highest possible uptime to ensure your site is always available to visitors. For our clients, our full-service hosting solutions, comprehensive approach to website management means no unexpected invoices or monitoring of billable hours.

Our Hosting Solutions Include:

A website is only as good as its host. You cannot afford to lose time or potential customers as a result of hosting inefficiencies. We use only the highest-quality hardware and software, as well as state-of-the-art system architecture and bandwidth to handle all capacity situations. Our multi-tiered firewalls protect your security sensitive databases, and our certified engineering staff is thoroughly trained in the latest technology.

Hosting Accounts vs. Hosting Solutions

What is the difference between a hosting account and a hosting solution?

The difference is technical knowledge and staffing responsibilities. There are many companies that offer website hosting accounts for website owners. The goal of Creative Business Solutions is to eliminate the cost of technical staffing for our customers by assisting them through the entire process and supplying full support.

The type of company that will use a hosting account usually has an in-house technical department that can handle website maintenance, server upgrades, security, email and other hosting/internet related issues.

We offer Hosting Solutions not Hosting Accounts!

A hosting solution is based on Creative Business Solutions becoming your full service hosting and email department. Online success requires an ongoing process to review and enhance your Internet presence, adapting to the dynamic online market. Our site management service is key in attracting and retaining customers. We can provide frequent website analysis and optimization in line with technological updates, consumer behavioral changes, and search engine functionality.

As your website host, we'll provide specific solutions that help you stay ahead of the competition and increase online market share. At Creative Business Solutions, we are proactive in leveraging the lessons learned from strategic reports - such as customer behavior, web traffic, and purchasing rates - and then implementing those lessons in constant revisions and improvements to your web presence.