E-Commerce / Shopping Cart Website Hosting

Our E-Commerce level of website hosting is for websites design with dynamic features and those that interact with your secure database to process credit card payments. These sites are complex and allow pages to be generated to match the viewers requests, while requiring an extremely secure connection to the database and the customer. The experts at Creative Business Solutions monitor the sites search engine rankings and make adjustments as neccessary to improve these rankings when possible. We ensure that database requests are done securely and with a minimum of overhead to your database server.

Credit card payments are handled through your merchant account with encrypted data. Shopping carts are monitored to ensure that customer data, and thus sales, are not lost. We also monitor contact forms to minimize the amount of spam sent to your company.

All our websites are maintained in a secure datacenter with 24x7 monitoring to ensure immediate response on potential problems and the highest possible uptime to ensure your site is always available to visitors. For our clients, our full-service hosting solutions, comprehensive approach to website management means no unexpected invoices or monitoring of billable hours.

Our Hosting Solutions include:

A website is only as good as its host. You cannot afford to lose time or potential customers as a result of hosting inefficiencies. We use only the highest-quality hardware and software, as well as state-of-the-art system architecture and bandwidth to handle all capacity situations. Our multi-tiered firewalls protect your security sensitive databases, and our certified engineering staff is thoroughly trained in the latest technology.

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