Online Application Development for your Website

Manage your business through your website

Creative Business Solutions can create your website with a back end that is accessible only from your company intranet, with secure login and encrypted data. The publicly accessable front end of the website presents your products and services to the Internet for viewing, while you can use the back end to maintain the website, update its content and change descriptions. The back end can also be used to run your business, storing customer details and purchase information, as well as performing bookkeeping functions.

The staff at Creative Business Solutions are experts in database architecture design, management and integration with your website. We also offer many years experience developing software for business applications and e-commerce solutions. With our custom designed modules, you can increase the efficiency and profitability of your company.


Our Web Design process is a simple one
Using the basic four steps below, we will create the ideal site for your business.

  • Concept

    We discuss the purpose and functions you wish to have for you site.

  • Design

    From there we design a unique, dynamic look and layout to your site.

  • Coding

    Then we insert your provided content and other necessary coding.

  • Launch

    Lastly we help get your business running by launching your site.