Online Database Development and Custom Web Integration

Manage your own website maintenance and updates!

Website and database integration includes the ability to extract information from and modify databases over the Internet. This includes sending information for display on your web pages, accessing data stored on databases while maintaining security, and designing the database to efficiently support your websites pages.

Our staff specializes in the use of Coldfusion for a complete and efficient website and database integration project. Creative Business Solutions offers system analysis, system design (including database server technology), database dpplication tools, web server setup, and graphical front-end tools for new or existing database applications. We can structure the database architecture to allow efficient data access online.

Integrating your database into your website allows you to focus your web page content on your customers interests, capture viewer information automatically, and provide information on what products or services the customer viewed. Your database also offers a central locations for making changes to product details and descriptions, allowing one change to affect multiple pages on the website without needing to know any HTML coding.

Database Diagram


Our Web Design process is a simple one
Using the basic four steps below, we will create the ideal site for your business.

  • Concept

    We discuss the purpose and functions you wish to have for you site.

  • Design

    From there we design a unique, dynamic look, layout, and procedure to your site.

  • Coding

    Then we insert your provided content and other necessary coding.

  • Launch

    Lastly we help get your business running by launching your site.