Mobile Application vs. Mobile Site

Designing a responsive mobile friendly site is not the same as designing a mobile application. While both are designed to be viewed and used on mobile devices, like phones and tablets, the two are completely different.

Mobile-friendly/Mobile sites are websites designed to be viewed on mobile devices smaller than an average computer screen. These sites serve the same purpose and feel as normal websites. They are accessed and viewed through a web browser on your mobile device, allowing you access to the same information and web content as a computer anywhere.

However, unlike a mobile site, mobile applications are downloaded onto a mobile device. Most applications are available through an Application Store, like Google Play or Apple's App Store. Mobile Application can only be accessed on the devices they are installed on, yet they make provide easier mobile access to content, information, and services. A mobile application offers a business more control over their mobile presences on a customer's device. Apps make it easier for business to connect with customers.

Our Mobile Application Services

Creative Business Solutions has collaborated with Your Mobile Media to help provide mobile applications services.

Your Mobile Media can help to create a mobile application for your business. The offer many application features, such as push notification, GPS and directions, mobile reservations, mobile ordering, social media integration, and many more. They even offer training and support.

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