Mobile Search from Smartphones and Tablets is growing faster than any technology!

We can convert your existing website to a responsive design that is mobile friendly

Is your existing website mobile ready? Can users browse from your mobile phone? Anotherwords, is your website mobile friendly? In today's world there are a lot of people that browse the web on their smart phone. Your on-the-go customers use their cell phones to make online appointments, look up maps or directions, make restaurant reservations, doctor appointments and more.

Can they find you? Can they contact you easily?

To be competitive you must give customers not only what they want, but also how they want it. Let Creative Business Solutions deliver customer convenience and immediate response through a mobile website for your company.

Cell phone websites complement your existing sites but are designed differently. Mobile sites are pure function for your customer wanting basic, instant information about your business. Put your business at their fingertips — here’s how.

mobile phone display
table display

Mobile Conversions - Contact us for a Quote

  • Create a mobile version of your existing website that users will be redirected to upon entering your web address on a mobile device (ie. iPhone, Android, iPad, or Blackberry)
  • GPS enabled directions to your office or offices.
  • Photo Gallery with image swipe capability
  • Links to your social media subscriptions (Facebook, Twitter, Four Square, etc.).
  • One Touch Links for phone contact, email contact and map directions.
  • Graphics from your current site for branding consistency as well as minor graphics created for the mobile site.
  • Submittable forms that send an email.
  • Forms that write to and/or interact with an existing database.
  • Creation of needed database to capture and store data from the mobile site exclusively.
  • Pages that pull information from your existing database and display on the mobile phone.

Take a look at our web design portfolio for traditional website solutions. We can also help jazz up an existing website, if you are considering to add more pages or have a total re-design, contact us for a quote.

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