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Elegant and simple website designs

A brochure website may be the ideal solution for many companies as the first step to establishing a presence on the Internet. Brochure websites are clean and simple sites that typically consist of select pages that raise the public's awareness of the company and its products. Focused on intuitive and aesthetically pleasing layouts, a brochure site offers your customers a concise and attractive view of what your firm has to offer. The brochure website may also suit large corporations who want to introduce a new product line and use an informational website as part of their marketing campaign.

The home page of a brochure website offers a summary of what your organisation is about and what visitors can expect to find on your website. This page should clearly define your services or products in an attractive, eye catching manner. The content of the page also needs to be focused so as to increase its presence on popular search engines, in order to increase traffic. A pretty website not help your business if you are the only one that sees it.

A brochure website includes an About page, which presents information and details about your company, its history, key employees and company premises. It may also include details of any business organisations that your company is associated with or those companies that have used your products or services.

The brochure website should also have a clear and well structured page detailing all of the products or services your company offers. Each product or service should have it's own description and graphics.

The final standard page for a brochure website is the contact page, which displays your company's contact information, such as address, phone number, fax number etc. A contact form is also standard, which is ideal for visitors with email capability, giving them an efficient way of contacting you.